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It's been a hell of a week. I'm going to be very glad to go back up to Washington tomorrow.

I'm sure people have heard about the fires here in Colorado. It's a fucking mess. A lot of Colorado Springs was evacuated, meaning it's chaotic as hell. So far we've been lucky and the fire hasn't reached our house, but there's no telling. Or at least there wasn't a few hours ago. The weather has improved some, however, so maybe things will get better. I hope so. I'd hate to lose the house. We've been there since before the kids were born.

Unfortunately, not only did I have to evacuate myself, I had to evacuate my mother as well. She insisted on coming with me. Joy. We're actually in a hotel at the moment, and I've heard constant bitching from her about everything from the location of the rooms to the quality of the beds to the attitudes of the people who work here. Luckily, she's asleep now. And tomorrow I leave. I'm just paying to keep her here until we're given the okay to go back. Of course, she complained about me leaving her here alone to fend for herself. Go figure. I'm sure she'll survive.

All right, I think I'm going to finally get some sleep. I have an early morning tomorrow, and I'm fucking exhausted. I just wanted to touch base.

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