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I have a few minutes before I have to get to a meeting, so I suppose I should take that time to get this done. I was going to post this weekend, but Ramon graduated Sunday, so there was a lot of celebration and so I forgot.

I was very happy to be able to watch Ramon graduate, and I'm very proud of him. I wish that all kids who come from such terrible situations could get to where he is. Far too many are lost in the shuffle, and that's a national tragedy. I only wish that more people would recognize just how important it is to help all children get the help and education they need to make it in the world. Unfortunately, too many people consider it not their problem and prefer that money and resources go elsewhere. I'll never understand the mindset that puts education so far back on the list of priorities.

I've solidified the dates for my vacation this summer, which is nice to have done. I'll be taking the first two weeks of July off to spend in Washington with my family. It'll be very nice to not have any work stress hanging over my head. We've made a few plans on what we want to do, although most of it will just be played by ear. We don't need to do anything too spectacular. I'll be very happy just being with my family and away from the office. I'll likely be driving up instead of flying as well. That will save a little money on airfare, and I enjoy the drive. The difficult part is getting through the rest of this month. I'm anxiously awaiting July.

I see people moving toward the meeting room, so I should get going there myself, I guess. I just love wasting my time in meetings where very little that's productive gets done. Really.
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