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Finally, I can sit down and put my feet up. I don't think I had the chance to sit down for more than five minutes at a time today, and that only rarely. I suppose that's an exaggeration since I had to drive around, but it doesn't feel like it. Regardless, I'm finally done and I refuse to get up for more than my basic needs. I might even go to bed early.

For anyone who might be interested, I finally convinced Walter to go to the doctor. Of course, it took me getting my keys and then taking his arm before he agreed to make a call. I waited to make sure he did it, of course, and then found out when it was so I could make sure he went.

He finds me pushy. I have no idea why.

It turns out that he has a congenital heart problem. It's nothing major so long as he takes the medication they gave him and does what they tell him, which is good. Of course, one of the things he's supposed to do is take it easy and avoid stress, at least until the symptoms he's been exhibiting stop. That's the bad thing. I'm not sure he knows how to avoid stress, and it's next to impossible in his job.

We'll see how it goes. He's talked about vacation time, but hasn't done much about it. Maybe I should be pushy. I can probably manage that.

Now I'm going to pop a movie into the DVD player and sit back and relax until I go to bed. I have everything I need, so I'm set.
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